The Tallinn Collection – Time To Go North

Did you know, there is a legend that the first Christmas tree was brought to Tallinn in 1441 by the Brotherhood of the Blackheads, a Livonian (Estonia+Latvia) merchants’ association. If this is true, that makes it the first Christmas tree placed in a town square in Europe. This claim is of course disputed by our lovely neighbour, Latvia who thinks the glory belongs to them, even if there are almost seventy years in between 1441 and 1510.
Claiming that this is the reason to select a city for a collection launch at the beginning of the Christmas season, would be a lie.

Estonia, a country that is widely known for its digital progress, has other things to celebrate as well. A vibrant city life, evolving art scene with loads of brilliant artists, are among them.
Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is also the hometown of the co-founder of BrutalArt – Eleny. Building a Tallinn collection to feature fellow artists and offer them a supportive community has been in plans from the beginning.

We start with selected professional artists, and we will be adding more of them who share our vision, value our efforts, and are excited to be a part of this new artists community that we are creating.

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