multicolored cyclops painting

The Start of a Journey – Introducing BrutalArt

Close your eyes. Imagine a place where artists could go to find everything they needed. A magical place that gave them advice, support, and even where they could sell their work. Now open your eyes…

This magical place is no longer just a fantasy, just with the launch of a landing page. Introducing BrutalArt, a budding community waiting to embrace all artists, no matter how famous they are, in a brand new platform to boost the local art scene on a global scale.

BrutalArt is the place for artists to find resources that help them navigate the often confusing art world, whether it’s administrative help, tips for photographing work, or a list of studio spaces available in the area. But not only will there be resources, BrutalArt is also aiming to create a supportive community of artists all over the world, providing a platform to meet and chat with others, ultimately to spread the love and inspiration of art (isn’t that just lovely).

On top of all this, BrutalArt will be a platform for artists to sell their work. Obviously this is great for artists, but also for buyers. We’re looking for more than just the famous, big-name stars to jump on board. We want the budding locals too, the unknown names who need a hand to boost themselves into the artistic stratosphere. So for any collectors looking for the next big thing, what an awesome place to discover.

But we know that we can’t offer the most amazing community for artists without actually getting to know them. So, we’re calling all artists, big names and newbies, to take our survey and help us find out what it is that you need from this community. The survey is very short (it’ll only take you about 3 minutes to complete) and will help us immensely on our journey to help you. Take the survey.

But while we’ve got you here, we may as well tell you about our first collection (because if you weren’t excited about the landing page you’re definitely gonna be excited about this). In September we will launch our very first collection, the Berlin collection. This will be a collection of art all from, you guessed it, local Berlin artists. If you’re an artist and want to be a part of the Berlin collection or the future others you can register your interest to join us. 

We’re very excited about this and will keep you posted with all the details in the coming weeks. 

We’ll be posting regular updates of our progress so you can follow along with our news. You can sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram.

So now, all that’s left to say is welcome to the family!