We’re passionate about our mission to support the local art community and our artists. There is always room for more professional artists with positive attitudes to join our platform.
We invite you to apply to become a part of our artists’ community. BrutalArt is a non-exclusive online platform, meaning if you already have gallery representation, you can still join us. We provide an online platform for professional artists, famous and upcoming to sell their works in a variety of mediums. To learn more about our vision click here

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What Does BrutalArt Offer to Artists?

  • A platform to display and sell your artwork 
  • A platform to reach local and global audiences
  • No entry fee
  • No monthly fee
  • We help you to develop your narrative and showcase your artworks 
  • Sale and marketing advice
  • New resources base on your feedback (partnership, tutorials, tools, etc)

How do We Select Artists?

Our curation is based mostly on objective criteria to determine whether your artworks are appropriate for our platform. We try to leave the subjective decisions to the buyers because we do not want our personal tastes to influence the choice. We firmly believe that the purpose of art is to evoke emotions and different works of art trigger a variety of feelings in different people. However, we are only human so we can not completely leave the personal preference of our curators out of the doors.

What is The BrutalArt Business Model?

We act as intermediaries between the artist and the buyer. Artist is responsible for managing, packing, and sending the artwork. The current average commission is between 30% and 60% for gallery representation. These fees were among our main motivators to bring the BrutalArt project to life as we want to make a change. We decided to go with the lowest possible commission and only take 19%.

Want to know more about BrutalArt vision? Click here

How Are The Collections Organized?

Artists are grouped by cities. To be a part of a collection you need to have a connection with it, it can be an artistic connection (an inspiration, a subject, a vibe, etc) or simply because you are a resident of that city. Collections will be added on regular basis and artists are also free to move from one collection to another.

I’m Not in Berlin, Can I Still Apply?

Yes, and please do apply! The BrutalArt project is evolving and there will be new collections coming soon.