Blue Lagoon

Format: Original

Year: 2020
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 80 x 100 cm


Artwork Description:

This piece is the first painting of my Summer Dreams Collection. During the intuitive painting process, I gradually realized that it reflects my longing for holidays and summer weather. Like the other paintings from this collection, it shows my memories of past journeys and includes dreams of summer holidays. “Blue Lagoon” represents my love of crystal clear sea, turquoise water bays, and glittering water reflections. Some parts also remind me of rock formations, shells and various beach particles. The work was painted on a 4 cm thick canvas with acrylic paint in several overlapping layers. As a small highlight, glass bead gel was applied to the top of the painting in one area. Due to its size, the work will most likely be sent in a roll without the stretcher frame. It is recommended to use a 4 cm thick stretcher when applying the linen on-site to achieve the same finish at the edges. The painting does not necessarily need a frame, as the sides have been painted as well. The buyer receives a certificate of authenticity, the name, date and signature are placed on the back of the painting but if desired, an additional signature can be placed on the front. The artwork will be protected with two final layers of satin varnish.