Format: Original

Year: 2020
Medium: Linocut print on paper
Size: 35 x 32 cm


Artwork Description:

I have always liked the flowing lines of plants and flowers. It is meditative to cut them in linoleum with a knife. Some small, delicate lines as well as thick and robust lines. Straight and curved lines, continuous and dashed lines. Sometimes on black and white surfaces, sometimes with contrast and colour. Darkness and brightness. Just like nature.

Fortunately, the peonies in the picture remain forever, unlike those in the grandmothers’ garden. The same goes for butterflies. Their one-day life is beautiful, short, but beautiful.
I have also taught linoleum cutting in several courses. Drawing flowers is always a favourite subject of the students as it seems so simple and safe and beautiful.
But achieving a perfect flower in a picture is far from easy.
So I continue, and more and more pieces of linoleum chips keep falling under my red desk.