Apanha de nenufares

Format: Limited Edition

Year: 2020
Medium: Print on photo canvas
Size: 40 x 30 cm


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Artwork Description:

Apanha de nenúfares belongs to a project called ‘River Gurara’. This project reflects on my fear and fascination towards open waters. The name refers to a ship my dad saw to break in half and sink in a marines rescue mission. The orders given were to observe but don’t get close. There he waited for the bodies, already dead, to surface. Now, River Gurara abandoned the shape of a ship and became a realm where I observe the wandering figures, emerging from the water like ghosts and wait for the courage to swim again.

The red robe present in this picture is one of the critical elements reappearing throughout the whole project. Red is a colour representing both lust and danger, summarises my emotions with a visual component.

This is a limited edition print of total 19 on the photo canvas.