Angry Hunger

Format: Original

Year: 2016
Medium: Linocut print on paper
Size: 27 x 32 cm


Artwork Description:

I am fascinated by cutting different lines into the soft linoleum. Constantly testing my abilities – how to draw different materials with a simple line- a wooden table, a skin, leather, metal etc.

The picture is mostly black and white, and yet it seems to me so obvious that we all can understand how these flowers smell; the woman’s skin is soft; and that there is a metal plate on the wooden table.

One dark autumn evening, my friend came to see this work, looked at it for a long time and then he asked why the Madam had so many hands? Actually, they are the hands of the others. But are they helping, or interfering?

My friend aptly thought that this picture is about today’s women who are supposed to be constantly multitasking. Not so sure it is always the right choice.