Vanessa Wendland


Vanessa Wendland also known as Vanni is an emerging self-taught artist, born and based in Berlin, Germany. She has been painting and tinkering since her early childhood and was inspired by nature even then. After a long break, she rediscovered her passion for acrylic painting and since then it has been hard for her to step away from the canvas.

Painting enables her to express her thoughts and feelings, which she would otherwise find difficult to put into words. In recent years, she has experimented with various techniques and gradually developed her own artistic style. Her works reflect the great love and connection she feels for nature in an abstract way.

She mostly uses soft pastel shades, combines them with few stronger accents and works out a variety of different forms during the creative process over several layers of paint.

Through her art, she wants to raise environmental awareness, to bring the meaning and beauty of nature closer to people with her work. Her goal is to create fantasy worlds where people can escape to recharge their batteries and receive positive energy through the partly calm, partly vivid colour combinations. Vanessa’s works are in private collections in USA, Canada, Finland and Germany.