Ulyana Zavyalova


Encaustic media artist Ulyana Zavyalova was born in Russia and moved to Germany in 2006. She has traveled around the world, finished her PhD in physical chemistry and works currently as freelance artist and teacher in Berlin. Ulyana is an active member of Artists for Future movement deal with ideas for more climate and environmental protection in the artistic process.

Art is my way to get in touch with my inner child, to reflect my multicultural lived experience. My motivation is to capture, understand and share the harmony and magic I experience with, and have learned from, Nature.

In recent years, as a member of International Encaustic Society, she has experimented with various encaustic techniques using molten beeswax. Ulyana applies this ancient painting medium in contemporary new ways mixing encaustic with oil and pastels and developing 3D-texture using fabric and absorbing paper. She has gradually developed her own artistic style and participated in many juried exhibitions in Europe and Russia. Ulyana’s works are in private collections in Moscow, France, Germany and Canada