Rory Midhani


Rory Midhani is a visual artist working primarily with mixed media pieces, murals, and paintings on canvas. His pieces are character-focused, with a strong sense of narrative. He depicts queer and trans people- people who are continually struggling with existing in heteronormative society- living their lives and loving it. He has been featured in publications and exhibitions across Europe and North America, and has worked as an illustrator for a wide reaching international client base. 

His drawings, murals and cardboard scenes take an affectionate, comedic peek into Berlin’s darkrooms, shedding light on that “grimy” unknown that outsiders discuss with excited reverence and ignorance. His pieces are a celebration of Queer cruising culture and the minutiae of Berlin’s unique club landscape.” Andrew Cottrill, Berlin Loves You

I am a visual artist making paintings on canvas, murals, and mixed media pieces made by arranging carboard puppets, props & sets. The artworks explore sexuality, community and queer joy. I am interested in making artwork about queer and trans people enjoying themselves. I believe it is vital for there to be artwork like this so that trans & queer audiences can see that they are celebrated, that their happiness is real.