Lucille Guder


Lucille is a French woman, living in Berlin. From Paris, she brought the fashion style but left the bad mood there. As a person, she always sees the glass half full (especially if it’s a Sauvignon blanc!) and believes in emotions, kindness, and accents.

Self-taught artist, she started to paint 1 year ago when the first lockdown hit Berlin. Through her paintings, she could travel to gardens full of flowers and fill her mind with positivity.

Women are her main inspiration. The women in her everyday life: her 4 sisters, her girlfriends, the women she used to meet in Berlin clubs, the women she sees in the metro, in the street or her favorite florist. But also Coco Chanel, Frida Kahlo, and Carmen Miranda.
She paints women the way she sees them: curvy, colorful, natural, joyful, extravagant, feminine, elegant, and strong.

The collage technique combined with acrylic paint gives her the freedom that she adores: she can try, create and reinvent endlessly. She loves searching for the right silk papers that will match perfectly with the bright colors from her acrylic paint palette.

With her art, she wants to empower women and bring joy.

I am painting what I believe are the 2 most beautiful things on Earth: Women and Flowers. I can never get enough of the beauty of a naked woman or of a flower blooming in the early days of spring.
With my art, I want to empower women. I want them to feel good in their bodies, no matter what shape their bodies have.
I get my inspiration on the street, in nature, on Instagram, in photography exhibitions.
There is nothing that makes me happier than a customer telling me that he is happy each time he looks at my painting. This I want to leave on Earth: a bit of Joy.