Leslie Laasner


Although Leslie has studied at Tartu Art College and Estonian Academy of Arts, he is mostly known to a broader audience as a Musician rather than an Artist. After graduating from the Art Academy, he decided to brush the art-dust off his shoes, tune into the sound and sail towards the golden prizes with solo music projects and with various Estonian cult bands.

It wasn’t until more than 15 years later that he grabbed the brush again. Today Leslie continues writing music, time to time also columns, and he just made a debut as a movie director. The chameleon Artist does not stop there; an addition to that he is also working as a designer and does fashion photography. Did we mention Leslie is a crazy moto enthusiast? Yep, that he is too, and then there is painting. With all the things going on in daily life, there is not too much free time left, but when there is time to paint, he enjoys it thoroughly. That also reflects from the paintings.
Leslie has had several solo and group exhibitions in Estonia and abroad.

I don’t look for inspiration; it just comes from everywhere—the random moments, in collisions with different people and situations, make me feel the urge to set a scene for them in my paintings. These daily acquaintances and happenings will later become the subjects and motifs in my paintings.