Kadri Pihlakas


Kadri Pihlakas was born on a cold winter day in the year 1984 when Estonia was still in the Soviet Union. Today she lives in Tallinn. Kadri graduated Estonian Academy of Arts (2017), with degrees (BA) in Fine Arts and (MA) in Painting.

I am intrigued by hyperrealistic and post expressionism painting styles.

While painting my favourite subjects – interiors, I noticed my fascination with different sounds and soundless spaces. I get inspiration from empty rooms, for me, the most important is to face the fear of being alone, to see what is behind the husk inside me, that the space echos.
Petrifying objects can stop time. When the time “stops”, the curtain around the illusion of time falls.

My motifs are affected by my memories that come to life when seeing the things I played in my childhood. Children do not feel the need to pretend. They just are; therefore, they can be more in the present moment. In order to do that in your grown-up life, you need to empty your head, do nothing, observe and be present at this very moment.