Jana Marie Cariddi


Jana Cariddi is an American artist residing in Berlin. She has received her BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design in the Spring of 2015. She has since participated in two residency programs in Berlin, and one in Japan. She has exhibited her work in North America, Germany, and Japan. Through painting, drawing and installation, Cariddi’s work explores memory, nostalgia, play and fantasy. Her paintings are in multiple private collections. Currently, Cariddi is working on various projects from her Alt-Treptow flat. She enjoys spending time with her toy poodle Sid Vicious, drinking strong coffee, cooking and doodling/painting into the evening.

My work is influenced by my narratives and memories. I frequently revisit child-hood and contrive imagery that is equally haunting and engaging—lonely yet vibrant. Through painting, drawing, and installation I create visual memoirs revealing imaginary worlds that exist to humourise, heal and counterbalance the mundane.