Eleny Kasemets


Eleny Kasemets is an artist and a co-founder of BrutalArt platform. She has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in Fine Arts and also has a degree from Tallinn Technical University in Business Administration.

Although painting is her primary medium, she has also curated international group exhibition series Wire+Art and monthly exhibitions at JÄÄ-ÄÄR Cafe/Gallery in Berlin. She owns a sustainable brand called Vill Vill where she applies her love towards painting on the hand-knitted garments.

The influence when I’m painting comes from the subconscious. Momentary sensations and subconscious emotions are intertwined, taking final abstract form only on paper in front of me. In order to create unexpectedness and drama, I leave a lot to chance. This is carried by the wish to leave the viewers some room for their wanderings, and freedom to interpret the works the way that speaks to them. Beauty is a mere reflection of its observer.