Cécile Mirande-Broucas


Cécile Mirande-Broucas was born in Paris. She’s a graduate architect from Ensa Paris-La Villette. Having a great interest in artistic creation and visual art, she followed in parallel her practice of drawing and her graphic research. Since 2018 she has devoted herself entirely to illustration and art. Active in the press, she has worked in particular for Télérama, AMI, and Jazz Magazine.

Her drawings are characterized by a search for simplicity and sharp geometries. With their dynamic and tense compositions. highlighted by bright colors, they are always in movement.

Cécile Mirande-Broucas works on different media such as painting or hand-made silkscreen printing. About her digital artwork, she herself makes fine art prints in small formats and works with a professional print worker for bigger sizes to ensure a result faithful to the original drawing.