Anastassia Syv


Anastassia Syv studied the skills of academic and traditional painting in Tallinn Art School in Estonia. She paints mostly with acrylic on canvas and the subjects vary from animal and human portraits to abstract and ornamental art.

For me, the most important part of the painting is not the end result but the process. It brings me great joy and a sense of living. Creating art is a meditation, allowing me to escape the sometimes frustrating and boring daily routine.

I appreciate the decorative part of art, and knowing that my art as is a piece of personal experience, colors and, as a result, emotions can revive the space and even positively interfere with it.

In my art I like to insert archaic ornamental motives and to remaster them using paint brush and canvas instead of yarn and fabric, as well borrow different animal portrait pictures and place them in abstract eternal and unclear space.

As a person who knows how much waste an artist is able to produce, I always try to keep my leftovers from the canvases and reuse them later. I usually use leftover parts of the canvas fabric as the pallets for color mixing while working on other art projects and in the end I develop a fast unpredictable mostly small size abstract painting which later is framed. The inspiration for this works comes in a moment and is a depiction of my current mood.