BrutalArt is here to support local artists on a global scale. Our goal is to offer all types of artists, regardless of their fame, a platform to display and sell their art but also where they can find all the resources they need to bloom and evolve.

BrutalArt was born out of a sense of frustration. Frustration to not be able to find a place to reference the artists around me, to meet them and discuss their craft. And also frustration about the art industry in general, from the uniformity of curation criteria to the high commission of all platforms

We understand that a prize, solo show, and personal taste can influence the addition of an artist or artwork into a collection. However, those criteria tend to showcase some more than others. The beauty of art is its subjectivity. So we want to offer a different style of curation, creating more variety for the buyer and more of a chance for artists to be picked. 

If you want to know more about what our commission is used for, click here

Let’s Cut The Crap, What Does That Actually Mean?

What Do You Mean by Local?

We focus on one city or area each time we create a collection. We want to highlight the emerging artists around you so we will keep moving from city to city so everyone has a chance to connect with their own local art scene.
All the artists are not necessarily from the featured city or even living there, but they all have a connection with it in some way.
It also doesn’t mean you can’t buy or contact the artist if you are not in the collection city. It’s just here to encourage you to look around you. Art is all around.

Why Should I Buy on BrutalArt?

As a buyer, there is a unique advantage when you buy from BrutalArt.

  • You support emerging artists directly. We know every art website is saying the same thing but we think the best way to actually support an emerging artist is to give them a fair share of the price. With BrutalArt, 81% goes directly to the artists. That is far higher than any other platform we know of.
  • You can discover new types of artists with our alternative curation process. Compared to other online galleries our process aims to have more variety in the styles of art curated, giving you more choice. 
  • We do not restrict communication between artist and buyer, so you are free to contact them and learn more about your favourite artist.
  • You can buy art with an ethical company. Our profits are not here to be used as a payout for us. They will be directly invested in the website to improve your experience and our artists’ resources.

We know we have a long way to go but with your help, we will get there.

Do We Accept Any Artist?

Unfortunately no, we can’t accept everyone. We do our own curation on the platform to offer our buyer trust into whom they buy.
If you are an artist or wish to know more about our selection criteria follow the link.

Wait, There are so Many Platforms Doing Similar Things, What Makes You Different?

Yes, there are and if one of them works for you or the artist you like, great.

We haven’t found one that matches our values and needs so we decided to create one that did. As said earlier, BrutalArt is local, has a different approach to curation, and a fair distribution of profit.

Unlike most of the business world, BrutalArt doesn’t see euro signs at the end of the road. The end goal of BrutalArt is to re-inject all our profit back into the art community. This means no big payouts for shareholders and no Lamborghinis for us (we’ll stick to the bicycles). Our business model is not compatible with the current fundraising model or even the current economy, so we are 100% self-financing. We see this as an investment into something that actually matters and are far more interested in seeing local artists thrive.

We hope you share our vision and find what you are looking for on BrutalArt.

Eleny & Max